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Our Experience

We have worked with hundreds of projects aimed at optimizing costs and increasing the profits of our clients by implementing our methodologies. We focus on assisting our clients with reaching a masterful level of efficiency by helping them to achieve significant increases in production volumes and overcome new horizons. With this increase of production volume, it becomes clear that the supply scheme demands a radical change by way of direct supply from the manufacturers. However, fulfilling this quickly and reliably can be complicated. Our employees have decades of experience in procurement of resources, administration of supplies, as well as logistics and engineering in technical fields.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to cater to the needs of enterprises in the field of production by providing them with raw materials.

Why us?

As a general rule, suppliers that are located in other countries possess an entirely different mentality, vision of business, and tradition. Because of this, making attempts at these optimizations can be inconclusive and risky. AMT is the solution to surmounting these hurdles. By having a multitude of business relations and being very knowledgable about markets in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and in Asia; this gives us the ability to offer our clients the most beneficial contracts.

How it works?

Here are the three steps of our system process:


Process requests

Customers contact us and request the products they need. Our team creates a checklist and prepares it for our partners.



After the checklist is created, the list is sent to the partners and we work together to find the best alternatives for our customers.



After the common work, the best alternative list is sent to the customer and then the delivery and location is discussed. Within a few days the request is realised and delivered.