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If you are seeking a new alternative to your current suppliers in an attempt to optimize costs: AMT is the ideal option for you

Our mission is to create favorable conditions for the development of your business, increase the competitiveness of goods and services, and improve the working conditions and quality of employees.


From the offer to delivery

Our primary goals are to cater to the needs of enterprises in the field of production by providing them with raw materials.



Once clients send us a quote, we will contact them and communicate about their business needs. All services and products can be found in the navigation bar of our website.



In this step we will contact our partners to find clients the best alternative at the most competetive costs. We will then provide clients with a list of requested products and current prices.



In this step, we make our customers happy with our deliveries. We contact clients about delivery time and place and send it as soon as it is possible.

Imagine what we can do for your business.

Here are some of the things we include in our service:

Organizing direct shipments to you from the suppliers whilst bypassing intermediaries.

Selection of resources and analogues used in your production processes, acquired from low-cost countries.

Organizing deliveries of any kind of resource needed for production on an industrial scale.

Effective solutions to problems with your Eastern suppliers.

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